Meet 7 Successful Pets Racking Up a Ton of Money and Fame...

Meet 7 Successful Pets Racking Up a Ton of Money and Fame in the Fashion Industry


No one ever said working in fashion was easy. There are long days, hectic schedules and unexpected mishaps—especially if you’re one of fashion’s most prized pets. These four-legged friends are some of the hardest workers in the industry and spend long hours in photo shoots, meetings and styling sessions, not to mention keeping up with their daily Instagram. And while they’re all cute and adorable, their work is nothing to scoff at: these guys are landing major campaigns, inspiring their own collections, even signing book deals, all of which can earn them up to $3.45 million a year. Others do it for charity contributions to kennels and animal shelters, while others exclusively promote their mommy’s or daddy’s companies. Adorable. Ahead, here are seven of the hardest working pets in the industry, some of which are undoubtedly earning more than you.

Neville Jacobs

Marc Jacob’s pet is arguably the hardest working canine in fashion. Seen around the MJ offices daily, this adorable Bull Terrier does everything from promotional work with models to inspiring Jacobs’ shoe collections. (Those dog-themed loafers? That’s Neville Jacobs.) He even has daily photos shoots so he can upload images to his 156,000 Instagram followers. When he’s not inspiring his dad’s designs, he’s starring in campaign’s like the BookMarc ad from this year. In his off-time he does enjoy playdates—usually with his brother Charlie and the pets of supermodels and designers.


The most famous feline in fashion is far from being a hard worker—in fact Choupette’sInstagram feed is filled with pictures of her eating, lounging and generally being pampered and coddled by her daddy, Karl Lagerfeld. When she isn’t living in the lap of luxury (or being petted by models and fashion’s A-listers) she’s working hard on her fashion collections like the Choupette X Shu Uemura beauty collaboration, signing book deals and inspiring Lagerfeld’s collection, like his Monster Choupette accessory line. She reportedly earned €3 million (approx. $3.45 million) last year, has her own press agent and two maids to attend to her every kitty whim.


Toast is such a fashion favorite she even nabbed herself a magazine cover—well Luckymagazine’s April Fool’s day cover, but still—that’s more than some fashion stars have ever had! The King Charles puppymill rescue is known for that sassy little side tongue and all her fashion and lifestyle connections—she makes pottery with Johnathan Adler and has even been surfing with Mara Hoffman (sign us up!). Her daddy is Josh Ostrovsky, a.k.a. The Fat Jew, an up-and-coming, plus-sized male model, and her mommy is fashion publicist Katie Sturino.


This adorable Pomeranian Jiff is probably the cutest puppy on this list and one of the most popular. His Instagram feed is filled with snapshots of his fluffy mug while he wears little costumes, poses with models and celebrities, and makes appearances on shows likeAccess Hollywood. This little ball of fur was also a popular visitor at the Lucky magazine offices before the publication went under, and as a favorite of then editor-in-chief Eva Chen, starred in a few of their YouTube videos.

Menswear Dog

Few male models are as well-known as Bodhi the Menswear Dog. He’s suave, debonair and well-dressed—he’s basically the James Bond of canines. Known for his knack of dressing like GQ models, this Shiba Inu looks good in everything and even has a book offering fashion advice for men on everyday apparel. He’s shot campaigns for Coach, American Apparel, Asos, The Tie Bar, Ted Baker, Hudson Shoes, Brooks Brothers and Salvatore Ferragamo, and has been featured in GQ, Time, Nylon and Esquire. Oh, and he makes a cool $15,000 a month.

Miss Asia Kinney

Earlier this year Lady Gaga’s French bulldog was just another Hollywood pampered pooch, until she landed a Coach campaign. Shot by Steven Meisel, she modeled the Edie and Rucksack bags from the FW15 collection, and in return for her work, Coach made a donation to Chicago French Bulldog Rescue on behalf of Miss Asia Kinney. She currently hangs out with fashion favorites like Alexander Wang, and just starred in a Japanese Shiseido ad with her mom. Looks like she’s (slowly, but surely) taking the world by storm.


Cara Delevingne’s pet bunny seems to have no interest in the world of fashion, but it’s a little hard to avoid it when your mom is a supermodel. Thanks to mom’s connectionsCecil has modeled for Mulberry and wears Chanel accessories more often than some celebs. He’s gone everywhere with Cara from photo shoots to meetings, but after one particularly close call where he got stuck in the air vents at the Mulberry office, it seems he’s been restricted to family outings and Cara keeps a closer eye on him than before.